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Changing Hair Color In Photoshop

Changing Hair Color

1. Prepare the image you want to change the color of his hair
2. After that selection using the Lasso tool or the Polygonal Lasso tool or Magnetic Lasso tool depending on which one you prefer.
3. Then, if already selected select the image> Adjusments> Hue Saturation or you can press Ctrl + U on the keyboard.
4. After that there will appear a dialog box you tick the colorize option
5. You set the Hue, Saturation, Lightness as you like
6. Notice the photo of hair that was black now changed to red. (You can change it as you like not only the color red).
7. Then select OK and Changing hair color is complete

Tips can be used to change color other than the hair can be used to change eye color, clothing and many others in the same way.

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