Team Buddies PS1 Full ISO [244Mb]

Game Ini request Temen kita :-)
 The game is a mix of Worms' goofiness and a typical real-time strategy game. Central to the game's theme is the ability of a team of buddies to stack crates in a 2x2x2 pad located in their starting area. Stacking the crates in different ways make different items when the resulting larger crate is broken; for example, a single crate on a stacking pad produces a light weapon, four crates positioned horizontally makes a heavy weapon, and filling the pad creates a vehicle. The battle toys created are based on the selected world, and their are 8 original worlds, plus many special sets unlocked once you complete story mode. Most vehicles can carry 2 crates, but larger vehicles (and the golf cart) can carry 3. Up to three additional team members can also be created by stacking crates directly on top of each other; these new "buddies" can be commanded to attack or defend a certain area or even build on the stacking pad on their own. The player can swap between any of the buddies under his or her control in order to make use of that particular unit's powers or weapons. In addition to a stacking pad, each starting point has a large base building which can be attacked and destroyed. If a base is destroyed, the stacking pad for that team can no longer be used; this means that new members cannot be created, making destroying the base a top priority for securing victory. A team without a base is also unable to build new weapons and must rely on those dropped by the enemy or found around the map (although a fast unit can steal a weapon from an enemy pad as it is being opened). A typical map will have various "crate drop" areas (in most cases a small area at the players base and a much larger spawn in the middle of the map), where the crates used to build weapons and teammates fall from the sky. Most crates in the game are yellow with red borders, but yellow crates with blue borders also drop from time to time. Adding one of these to a crate formation causes the object or unit created by it to have increased abilities; for example, a higher rate of fire or range for a weapon or more hit points for a unit or vehicle. In certain maps, mega-crates also drop if certain conditions are met; these large, grey and yellow crates contain a weapon or vehicle not normally found in that particular area, and can be towed behind a Mech, but not behind other vehicles. 

Sumber : 
Nb . Loadingnya Lama Gan Kalau Mau Nyoba Mending Pake emulator yang banyak buat persiapan soalnya beda emulator beda rasa. :-)

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  • Download game Team Buddies menggunakan Link dibawah ini.
  • Extract file..
  • Buka emulator. Buat yang belum punya emulatornya bisa download disini. Cari yang Psx v1.3.
  • Buka emulator klik File - Run ISO.
  • Enjoy ^_^
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Nice share sob... makasih :)
izin nyimak dan coba

pasti keren banget nih gamenya sobat...

terima kasih sudah berkunjung, btw, di halaman muka blog sobat saya kira terlalu banyak link... cuz google gak suka site/blog yang punya lebih dari 100 link loh....

Makasih banyak sob, ini yang aku cari!
Sekali lagi, makasih banyak :D
Izin download dulu, sob...

hehe.. iya gan mklum template baru saya belum smpt ngedit coz k0mptr saya sdg rusak jd saya ol lwt hp.. oh ya gan mksh hlo atas kritiknya. saya suka kritik yang membangun.. sekali lg. mksh.hehe :-)

iya gan masama tp maaf saya blum smpt coba.. hehe.

FREE FOR ALL brkunjung.memenuhi undangan sobat pd coment blog saya

iya gan mksh sudh mau berkunjung.. :-)

blogwalking gan,, makasih udah mampir di blog ane
lumayan juga blog ini =w=b

iya gan sama2 .. slm blogger. :-)

minta no hpnya admin.komunikasi antar dr FREE FOR ALL

mantaapp sob blognya
sekalian ijin download gamenya
dan ijin liat2 blognya

mampir dan download juga
Microsoft Visual Studio Full

okey gan. . nih n0 hpnya admin spectrevers 081327153620

iya gan slhkn saja. . oke lgsg menuju ke markas besar agan. . :-)

Memenuhi undangan agan Spectrevers yang telah cooment di blog saya, sekaligus blogwalking :)

ini game ane suka bgd dlu gan jman suka bgd maen PS ,, wah jdi nostalgia nih haha :D

Lanjutkan gan :)

oke gan mksh udah mau mampir di gubuk ane. . iya gan slmt brn0stalgia ya. . tp maaf ane lum smpt nyoba game ini jd kalo ada apa2 saya gk bsa bntu. . :-)

kok pass rar Salah gan? yg Rar indowebster

owh maaf gan ane kurg ngetiknya nii yg benar gan ( code:04 )

Pass rar nya Indowebster: 04 ttep gk mau :'( tlong pncerahnnya...!!!

nih gan passnya.


. maaf ane kurg ngetiknya. hehew.

gan tlng dong ane blm ngrti password yg d rar indowebster apa??
tlng ya gan



copas aja gan tulisan tebal diatas. :) :D

gan,maaf saya udah copas it pass kok tetep g bisa ya,saya ambil yg dari indowebster,,,,, UwU



copas aja tulisan tebal diatas

code:04 tetep gk bisa gan mohon pencerahana...??
di tngu sms 03133366989 trimksih gan...

wah iya nih gan... passnya kok gk bsa ya?? ada tulisan eror apa gtu -w- hadeh

heeeelp please

gan pass nya
tetap gak bisa :(
mohon pencerahannya

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